What we do

Healthcare News Journal is a mobilized media resource. We bring together timely industry news, employment opportunities, B2B marketplace research, healthcare mobile apps, and provide a social resource for healthcare professionals. The staff at Healthcare News Journal are dedicated to providing useful, inspiring and innovative content to over 400,000 professional healthcare members.

Our mobilized marketing platforms are an effective resource for those companies wanting to:

  • Build and expand their brand awareness
  • Generate quality sales leads
  • Source high quality employment candidates

Healthcare industries and the people who dedicate their lives to helping others are innovating each and every day, pushing the boundaries of how we can improve our patient outcomes, our own lives, and the healthcare community as a whole. Healthcare News Journal would like to help you share some of that with our members and passionate readers.

We are the digital brand authority in Healthcare

Our mobile-friendly sites and emerging mobile technologies help our clients leverage the strengths of the ever-changing mobile landscape.

The best candidates and prospects don’t spend all their time searching product sites and job boards. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a host of other social sites, as well as just browsing. So we insert our clients into the conversation via individual branded job postings and product offerings on the Healthcare News Journal site and social media outlets that receive messages about relevant job postings, product announcements, and Twitter notifications to our professional Members. It’s the smart way to attract and engage the right people you’re looking for.

Premium Healthcare B2B Marketplace

Home to more than 200 leading healthcare companies, Healthcare News Journal’s B2B Marketplace is a premier one-stop destination to conduct preliminary and advanced research on industry leaders. Healthcare News Journal’s Marketplace takes advantage of today’s social, mobile, and web opportunities.

Attracting more than 600,000+ annual visitors and a growing opt-in Membership over 400,000+, the Healthcare Marketplace is an excellent online resource for products and service providers to build brand awareness and connect with decision makers throughout the healthcare industry.

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The Leading Mobile Healthcare Job Board

Top candidates have lots of options, so they aren’t going to spend a lot of time trying to decipher your career website. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to learn more about your organization and apply, and this means mobile. People do so much of their web browsing, research, and job-hunting on their phone or tablet, and you are guaranteed to lose candidates if your job offerings are not mobile optimized.

  • Over 86% of passive job seekers will visit a mobile career page before desktop web site
  • 62% of recruiters are saying that Mobile recruiting is going to be a top trend in 2014-2015

Top management will also need to support this shift from recruitment to attraction. Employer branding is a CEO priority for the most successful talent attraction organizations. By investing in mobile, prioritizing long-term branding, and using the right technologies to do it, like Healthcare News Journal's mobilized job board service, your company will set itself up for success.

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Healthcare Focused Mobile App Center

More than 300 mobile and tablet apps have been listed in our focused healthcare app center with 98% of those developers and companies renewing their annual listings.

Attracting more than 600,000+ annual visitors and a growing opt-in Membership over 410,000++ we can offer your Mobile App great exposure for new sales and branding opportunities. We can not take credit for this great idea, it started as a frequent request from our Members "where can I find mobile apps just for healthcare?".

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