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4 ways ‘Good Morning America’ nails social media storytelling

Feb 23, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
‘We need to find ways to break through the noise while we maintain our audiences’ trust,’ says the show’s vice president and general manager of digital. Here’s how you can do the...
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Health Tip: 10 Ways to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthier

Feb 22, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Health Tip: 10 Ways to Encourage Kids to Eat HealthierCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/20/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/20/2019 12:00:00...
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Supplementing the bottom line to build patient loyalty

Feb 22, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
One of the ways major retailers have sought to pad their margins is through private-label brands, something McKesson takes seriously. Read More...
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Expired drugs may remain effective, safe to use in a pinch

Feb 21, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Even medicines that are years past their expiration date and haven't always been kept in strict climate-controlled conditions may still retain their original potency, a small study suggests....
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Mental Self-Harm: 3 Ways We All Constantly Abuse Ourselves

Feb 21, 2019 , Forbes
The human mind is our most powerful tool, particularly the imagination from which all our achievements spring. But many of us unwittingly use this tool against ourselves, causing untold damage in the...
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How To Live This Life Better: Effective Altruism In The Context Of Longevity

Feb 21, 2019 , Forbes
A quantified approach to altruism in the form of counting the quality-adjusted life years (QALY) generated globally may help humans and AI make better life decisions. One of the most effective ways to maximize global QALY is to contribute to the emerging longevity biotechnology...
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When Background Checks Fail, Job Of Taking Guns From People Who Aren’t Supposed To Have Them Falls To An Understaffed ATF

Feb 21, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Even though background checks are required to purchase guns, the overtaxed system doesn't always work in a timely fashion. More weapons are getting into the hands of dangerous people, The Wall Street Journal reports. Then, understaffed federal and state agencies struggle with how to take away those guns. In other news on gun control efforts, some companies are installing gunshot...
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Resistance And Mistrust Around Vaccinations Aren’t Anything New–They’ve Always Existed Together

Feb 20, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Although the antivaccination movement has grown in the past few years, thanks in part to social media, there has always been a fierce outcry against compulsory shots for as long as vaccines have been used. Experts are hoping to leverage the recent outbreak in the Pacific Northwest to change minds. And some recent trends suggest that it might be the...
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Partnering to navigate change: McKesson’s staying power comes from adaptation

Feb 20, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
For a company approaching 200 years old, McKesson remains spry — part of its staying power has been its ability to adapt in ways that help its partners' businesses. Read More...
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Does chocolate cause acne? After many studies, the answer is ... 'complicated'

Feb 16, 2019 , CNN Health
"I love this question because I get it every day, and I always wonder why people are so obsessed with the notion that chocolate causes acne," said Dr. Patricia Farris, a dermatologist and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology....
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CIOs focus on proving IT's usefulness to drive adoption

Feb 16, 2019 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
After spending billions of dollars on new technology solutions, healthcare leaders must figure out ways to ensure a solid return investment. Children's Health CIO Pamela Arora and Centura Health CIO Ken Lee explain their IT strategies for...
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Breast Cancer and DDT: Exposure Timing May Matter

Feb 15, 2019 , WebMD
If harmful DDT exposures occur at times when breast tissue is rapidly changing, such as during puberty, they impact breast development in ways that can later result in cancer, the study author...
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NACDS urges DIR reform in statement to House committee

Feb 14, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
In comments to the House Ways and Means committee, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores pointed out that DIR fee reform can reduce patients’ out-of-pocket drug costs and overall healthcare spending, Read More...
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Background Checks, Other Campus Reforms Included In Settlement Over USC Gynecologist

Feb 14, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The case involves hundreds of students and alumni who have accused Dr. George Tyndall of committing sexual or inappropriate conduct during physical exams. Beyond the monetary damages in the settlement, USC will have to agree to conduct background checks that delve into prior history of sexual harassment, improve employee training, and bolster staffing so that female students always have the option of seeing a female doctor. The university will also be asked to create a position for “an...
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10 ways to get healthier after 60

Feb 12, 2019 , CNN Health
It takes moxie to flip an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one -- particularly for folks over 60....
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CPR Not Always Given at Dialysis Clinics When Needed

Feb 10, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: CPR Not Always Given at Dialysis Clinics When NeededCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/8/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/8/2019 12:00:00...
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4 ways to start a writing habit

Feb 08, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
Does the empty page give you anxiety? Here are some ways to develop a writing routine and avoid writers’...
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5 ways to ensure your leaders are change trailblazers

Feb 08, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
Help your execs follow the path to...
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'Beer before wine, always fine'? Not really, hungover study participants say

Feb 08, 2019 , CNN Health
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Dermatology patient advocacy groups may not disclose conflicts

Feb 07, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Many patient advocacy groups focused on skin conditions receive funding from companies that sell dermatology treatments, and a new study suggests these nonprofits don't always disclose their ties to industry....
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