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Early research suggests promising use of AI to predict risk of heart attack or stroke using a single chest X-ray

Nov 30, 2022 , CNN Health
Early research suggests a promising use of artificial intelligence to predict the 10-year risk of death from a heart attack or stroke from a single chest...
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Berry Good for You: Some Foods Can Strengthen Your Brain

Nov 29, 2022 , WebMD
New research suggests eating more berries and drinking tea may help slow mental decline as you...
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Struggling to Focus? Try Video Games

Nov 24, 2022 , WebMD
You may know that video games can help kids with ADHD, but growing research suggests they could aid attention and working memory for just about...
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Antioxidant-Rich Foods—Like Kale, Tea, Broccoli—Could Slow Rate Of Memory Decline, Study Suggests

Nov 23, 2022 , Forbes
A group of over 950 people was followed and tested for an average of seven...
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There's a Best Time of Day to Exercise for Women's Heart Health

Nov 22, 2022 , WebMD
New research suggests that a morning workout may deliver more benefits for a woman's heart than an evening visit to the...
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Study suggests that HDL or 'good' cholesterol is less beneficial than previously thought, especially for Black adults

Nov 22, 2022 , CNN Health
High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, cholesterol -- often referred to as the "good" cholesterol -- may not be as useful in predicting the risk of heart disease and protecting against it as previously thought, according to new researched funded by the National Institutes of...
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Smoking Marijuana Is More Likely To Cause Emphysema Than Cigarettes, Study Suggests

Nov 17, 2022 , Forbes
Marijuana use among young adults reached an all-time high in...
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Covid-19 rebound may be more common in people who take Paxlovid, early study suggests

Nov 17, 2022 , CNN Health
Cases of Covid-19 rebound following treatment with the antiviral medication Paxlovid -- where infections rev back up again after people complete their five-day course of the medication -- appear to be at least twice as common as doctors previously knew, a new study suggests. Covid-19 rebound also seems to be more common in people who take Paxlovid compared with those who don't take the antiviral, although it can happen in either...
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Researchers Control Cancer Treatment With New Innovation: CAR T Switch(blade)

Nov 16, 2022 , Forbes
The early study result from Scripps Research suggests that switchable CAR T cells are not only safe to use for patients with B cell cancers, but comparatively safer and more effective than some CAR T therapies currently on the...
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Doctor's Office Stress Test Could Gauge Your Heart Risk

Nov 10, 2022 , WebMD
New research suggests evaluating a person's psychological stress can be a good way to gauge their risk of heart and blood vessel...
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Dead Man Walking? Smartphone Data May Predict Mortality Risk

Nov 04, 2022 , WebMD
Even if you don't have a smartwatch or fitness tracker, your smartphone could provide an indicator of your overall health and projected life span, a new study...
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Monkeypox may spread before symptoms start, study suggests

Nov 03, 2022 , CNN Health
More than half of monkeypox cases in the current outbreak may have been passed to others before symptoms appeared, according to a new modeling study from the United...
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Dementia Symptoms Appear Years Before Official Diagnosis: Study

Oct 29, 2022 , WebMD
New research out of the U.K. suggests that in most cases, the symptoms of dementia begin as many as 9 years before the actual...
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Prescription-Strength Omega-3 Fatty Acid EPA May Be Particularly Beneficial in Reducing Smokers' Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Oct 29, 2022 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
Twice-daily doses of a purified, prescription-strength form of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) may substantially lower the rates of heart attacks and strokes in current and former smokers with high cardiovascular disease risk, suggests a study led by researchers at the Perelman Sc......
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Black Americans Less Likely to Receive Lifesaving CPR: Study

Oct 28, 2022 , WebMD
A new study suggests that when someone collapses in front of witnesses, the chances of receiving potentially lifesaving CPR may partly depend on the color of their...
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Oct 20, 2022 , CNN Health
Research has found Black babies are about twice as likely to die than White babies before their first birthday. Now, a new study suggests that that disparity is even larger when babies are conceived by in vitro fertilization or other forms of assisted reproductive technology. CNN health reporter Jacqueline Howard has...
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Black infants born after fertility treatments at significantly higher risk of death than White infants, study suggests

Oct 19, 2022 , CNN Health
It has been well-known in research that Black babies are about twice as likely to die as White babies before their first birthday. Now, a new study suggests that that disparity is even larger when babies are conceived by in vitro fertilization or other forms of assisted reproductive...
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Europe’s Covid Wave Suggests U.S. Outbreak Looms Around The Corner

Oct 19, 2022 , Forbes
Though cases, hospitalizations and deaths are down across the U.S., mutated omicron variants are gaining ground and high levels of coronavirus have been found in...
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Instagram May Make New Moms Feel Inadequate: Study

Oct 18, 2022 , WebMD
Does Instagram make new moms feel inadequate? Yes, suggests a new study that warns images of new mothers on social media may drive body dissatisfaction and feelings of not being good...
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Will Covid Spike Again This Fall? 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe

Oct 15, 2022 , Kaiser Health News
Recent research suggests that the covid virus is mutating to better dodge people’s immune defenses. It could soon evade monoclonal antibodies used to treat covid. KHN examines what public health officials believe is on the horizon and how best to fight the...
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