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Study: Slow cognitive decline with flavonols

Nov 30, 2022 , CNN Health
Eating more flavonols, antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruits, tea and wine, may slow your rate of memory loss, a new study...
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The TikTok Trend That Triggered a Diabetes Drug Shortage

Nov 30, 2022 , WebMD
Ozempic, a weekly injection that helps boost insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes, also suppresses appetite, which leads to weight loss. Stories of celebrities using the drug off-label to lose a few pounds have led to an explosion of...
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Treating Inoperable Lung Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective

Nov 23, 2022 , WebMD
Inoperable lung cancer treatment is less likely to cause hair loss that people associate with chemo. Short-term fatigue, nausea, and changes in mood or sexual function are more common but...
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Hiding In Plain Sight: Survivors Of Suicide Loss

Nov 18, 2022 , Forbes
More than 46,000 people died by suicide in 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making suicide a leading cause of death in the United...
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Weight-Loss Surgery Slashes Odds for Heart Attack in Very Obese People

Nov 17, 2022 , WebMD
The study participants were also affected by what's known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is often linked with...
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1 billion young people are at risk for hearing loss. Here's how to prevent it

Nov 17, 2022 , CNN Health
Turning down the racket isn't just for disgruntled parents — a new study has shown it could protect more than 1 billion people at risk for hearing...
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More Than 1 Billion People At Risk Of Hearing Loss Due To Personal Listening Devices

Nov 16, 2022 , Forbes
In a new BMJ Global Health study published on Tuesday, researchers warn that more than 1 billion teenagers and young individuals might be at the risk of hearing loss — all thanks to their regular use of earbuds, headphones, and choosing to attend extremely loud concerts or music...
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Amazon debuts virtual health service

Nov 16, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Amazon Clinic will operate in 32 states and provide virtual care for more than 20 common health conditions, such as allergies, acne and hair...
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Patients Complain Some Obesity Care Startups Offer Pills, and Not Much Else

Nov 16, 2022 , Kaiser Health News
A new wave of obesity care startups offer access to new weight loss medications. But do they offer good health...
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Study shows 1 billion young people are at risk for hearing loss. This is how to prevent it

Nov 16, 2022 , CNN Health
Blasting music through earphones or crowding into a concert venue may sound fun, but the sound is a problem, according to a new study. Unsafe listening practices is putting more than 1 billion people at risk for hearing loss, the study said. Here are ways to prevent...
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Amazon announces new virtual healthcare service to help with allergies, acne and hair loss

Nov 16, 2022 , CNBC Health
Amazon Clinic comes just a few months after the company announced it was shutting down Amazon Care, a different telehealth service, by the end of the year....
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Experimental therapy gantenerumab fails to slow or improve Alzheimer's memory loss in clinical trials

Nov 15, 2022 , CNN Health
An experimental treatment, gantenerumab, failed to help people at high risk of memory loss from Alzheimer's or those who were in the early phases of the disease, the manufacturer said...
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CDC Warning: Listeria Outbreak Linked To Deli Meat, Cheese, 13 Hospitalized, One Dead

Nov 12, 2022 , Forbes
There's also been one pregnancy loss in an outbreak that has spanned six different...
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Weight-Loss Drug, Approved for Adults, Shows Promise in Kids

Nov 11, 2022 , WebMD
The FDA last year approved semaglutide, which was developed initially as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, for weight loss in adults. But researchers wanted to know if the drug, which targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite, also could help adolescents lose...
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Deadly listeria outbreak in 6 states linked to deli meat and cheese

Nov 10, 2022 , CNN Health
A multistate outbreak of listeria linked to deli meat and cheese has sickened over a dozen people and caused one death and a pregnancy loss, the CDC announced. Here's how to protect...
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Novavax posts third quarter loss but beats revenue expectations

Nov 09, 2022 , CNBC Health
The Covid-19 vaccine maker reported a net loss of more than $169 million for the third quarter, compared to a loss of $322 million in the same period last year....
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Talkspace reports growing loss, appoints new CEO and more digital health earnings

Nov 09, 2022 , Mobile Health News
Amwell, Hims & Hers, Insulet and Butterfly Network also post results for the third...
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Alignment Healthcare Posts Loss As Insurer Expands Medicare Advantage Into New Markets

Nov 04, 2022 , Forbes
Alignment Healthcare reported a $40 million loss in its third quarter as the startup provider of Medicare Advantage coverage spends money to expand coverage into new markets and further grow enrollment....
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Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids Are Now Available: Though Helpful, It’s Not Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

Nov 03, 2022 , Forbes
Undoubtedly, the policy change will improve access and lower costs for millions of Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss. While the new policy eases access for some, OTC hearing aids appear to comprise a rather clunky solution to a major...
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CVS Reports $3 Billion Loss To Cover Its Share Of Global Opioid Settlement

Nov 03, 2022 , Forbes
CVS Health reported a quarterly loss of more than $3 billion to cover its share of a global opioid settlement in the works with various states, counties and local...
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