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O Positiv debuts menopause supplement

May 25, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Meno is an all-natural and hormone-free capsule formulated to help combat common menopausal symptoms, the company said....
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Tribal Pharmacy Dispenses Free Meds and Fills Gaps for Native Americans in the City

May 25, 2022 , Kaiser Health News
The Mashkiki Waakaa’igan Pharmacy in downtown Minneapolis gives Native Americans an economical option for filling prescriptions while being sensitive to tribal traditions and...
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Natreve’s animal-free whey protein powder hits The Vitamin Shoppe shelves

May 24, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Mooless, an animal-free whey protein powder, is available in vanilla bean cupcake, chocolate fudge brownie, cookies and cream, and strawberry shortcake flavors....
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Nautica turns eco-conscious with alcohol-free fragrance

May 18, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Nautica Oceans Pacific Coast was inspired by life on the water and made for the man who wants to make eco-conscious purchases without having to sacrifice fragrance and grooming standards, the company said....
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Bette Midler Tweets ‘Try Breastfeeding, It’s Free,’ Amidst Baby Formula Shortage, Here’s The Reaction

May 16, 2022 , Forbes
In response, many on the Twittersphere pointed out the numerous longstanding challenges of trying to...
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Patients charged hundreds of dollars to get Covid drugs already paid for by taxpayers

May 14, 2022 , CNN Health
For more than a year, Americans have been vaccinated for free against Covid-19, but many of the nation's most vulnerable citizens are being charged hundreds of dollars to get immunity to the virus, according to a CNN investigation....
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Roundup: Free mental health app offered to UK NHS users, Dutch startup begins study on therapy for chronic disorders, and more briefs

May 13, 2022 , Mobile Health News
Free mental health app available to 1 million South Yorkshire NHS users An emotional wellness app is being offered to over 16s in the UK's South Yorkshire for free, to help manage low moods, reduce stress and improve...
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Working It Out: How to Minimize Eczema Flare-ups at the Gym and on the Job

May 12, 2022 , WebMD
Three keys to managing your eczema at the gym and then heading off to a productive and itch-free...
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Walgreens commits to sell 100% cage-free eggs by the end of 2022

May 11, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
​​​​​​​Walgreens is expected to reach a cage-free goal three years...
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Rock climbing brings unexpected benefits

May 06, 2022 , CNN Health
Rock climbing may seem like a niche sport, possibly one fraught with danger. After all, it involves scaling the side of a cliff or simulated rock wall. But experts say it offers participants a wide variety of physical and mental health benefits that are not always found in other sports. And more people are climbing than ever -- thanks in part to hit flicks such as "Free Solo" and "The Dawn Wall."...
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Keys Soulcare unlocks inner beauty with new color-skin care hybrids

May 06, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
The Make You line helps nourish skin with a lightweight and buildable color that is dermatologist developed, clean and cruelty-free, the company...
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Hy-Vee dietitians to host events in May for people following gluten-free diet

May 05, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Events include nutrition store tours and virtual cooking classes like Freezer Meal Workshops and Wellness Wednesday...
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Fresenius Kabi intros calcium gluconate in freeflex bags

May 03, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
​​​​​​​Ready-to-administer calcium gluconate in non-PVC, non-DEHP containers is designed to promote safety and...
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Canadian doctors are prescribing free passes to national parks

May 01, 2022 , CNN Health
Much has been said about the healing power of nature. Now, some medical professionals in Canada are increasingly prescribing it....
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Needle-Free Epinephrine Options Are On The Horizon

Apr 26, 2022 , WebMD
Epinephrine is the only effective treatment for serious allergic reactions called anaphylaxis, yet people with prescriptions for the lifesaving medication often don't carry their auto-injectors, and many hesitate to use...
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GoodPop intros gluten-free oatmilk frozen dessert

Apr 26, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
The brand’s new plant-based and gluten-free frozen dessert sandwiches contain 100 calories and 8 g of sugar per serving, the company said....
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Despite Losing Federal Money, California Is Still Testing Uninsured Residents for Covid — For Now

Apr 26, 2022 , Kaiser Health News
Federal funding that paid for covid testing, treatment, and vaccines for uninsured people has run out. While some states struggle to make up the difference, California is relying on other state and local programs to continue free...
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May Issue: Addressing Nurse Burnout, New Chest Pain Assessment Guidelines, More

Apr 26, 2022 , American Journal of Nursing
“This is the third Nurses Day celebrated since the start of the pandemic and nurses’ work has gotten more recognition than ever. But is that recognition enough?”—AJN senior clinical editor Christine Moffa in her editorial, “Honoring Nurses Where They Need It” The May issue of AJN is now live. Here’s what’s new. Some articles may be free only to [...] The post May Issue: Addressing Nurse Burnout, New Chest Pain Assessment Guidelines, More appeared first on Off the...
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Why Do We Freeze Under Pressure?

Apr 23, 2022 , WebMD
It’s happened to presidential candidates, Wheel of Fortune contestants, and (let’s be honest) you too – anyone can choke when stakes are high. Science explains why, and how to stop...
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Walmart to host Community Wellness Day on April 23

Apr 20, 2022 , Drug Store News - Retail
Community Wellness Day includes free health screenings, affordable immunizations and wellness...
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