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With Launch Of New CRISPR Company, Competition Extends To Diagnostics

Mar 22, 2019 , Forbes
One of Sherlock Biosciences’ key technologies comes from the Broad Institute lab of Feng Zhang, who did some of the early work elucidating the DNA-modifying potential of CRISPR and its associated enzymes after their discovery in...
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Using Pre-Ejaculation Sperm May Help Infertile Men

Mar 20, 2019 , WebMD
The study shows that on its path from the testicles to ejaculation, sperm DNA can suffer major damage. Researchers said it may be possible to use sperm taken directly from the testicles to fertilize eggs so that infertile men can have...
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Elon Musk-backed company launches a website to poke fun at DNA testing — and it's hilarious

Mar 19, 2019 , CNBC Health
DNA Friend might be a joke. But for DNA testing companies, it hits very close to...
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Proposal for global moratorium on editing of inherited DNA is met with criticism

Mar 14, 2019 , CNN Health
Researchers and ethicists, including the scientist who pioneered and patented CRISPR gene-editing technology, are calling for a global moratorium on human germline editing -- changes made to inherited DNA, the genetic material in sperm, eggs or embryos that can be passed on to the next generation....
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Jardiance vs. Victoza

Mar 13, 2019 , RxList
Jardiance (empagliflozin) and Victoza (liraglutide [rDNA origin]) are anti-diabetes medicines used as adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes...
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23andMe is hoping to reach millions more users with a new genetic report on diabetes

Mar 11, 2019 , CNBC Health
23andMe is adding a report to its health and ancestry DNA test for type 2 diabetes. That's a huge market opportunity as 1 in 3 people are at risk for developing the disease. More than 30 million people in the U.S. alone have...
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Researchers Identify New Target For Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer

Mar 07, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
A preclinical study led by researchers at The University of Kansas Cancer Center has identified a region of the human genome, called a super-enhancer, as a novel target for a pancreatic cancer subtype called “pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma” (PDAC). An enhancer is a section of DNA that can bind p......
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Doctors confirm new type of twin born from one egg and two sperm

Feb 28, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Doctors in Australia say they have identified a second case of twins apparently created from one egg and two sperm, a boy-girl combination in whom the mother's DNA is identical in both babies but the father's DNA varies in each twin....
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Older Biologic Age Linked To Elevated Breast Cancer Risk

Feb 24, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
Biologic age, a DNA-based estimate of a person’s age, is associated with future development of breast cancer, according to scientists at the National Institutes of Health. Biologic age was determined by measuring DNA methylation, a chemical modification to DNA that is part of the normal aging proces......
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In Chemical Tour De Force, Scientists Announce They’ve Essentially Doubled The Genetic Alphabet

Feb 23, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Natural DNA is spelled out with four different letters known as bases — A, C, G and T. Chemist Steven A. Benner and his colleagues have built DNA with eight bases. The new model opens possibilities that the four-base DNA may not be the only chemistry that could support life. Other news looks at DNA being used to track people and genetic...
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Berry Genomics and Prenetics establish Circle DNA; key management hires announced

Feb 20, 2019 , Mobile Health News
Beijing-headquartered clinical genomics testing company, Berry Genomics and Hong Kong and London-headquartered genetics and digital health company Prenetics announced today key management hires for the new company, Circle DNA, which will be operational for business by the end of Q2...
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Hands Don't Spread HPV, Study Finds

Feb 16, 2019 , WebMD
"Just because we detect HPV DNA in the hand doesn't necessarily mean the viral particles are viable or that there is enough to cause an infection," the study's lead author...
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Sensitive Sensor Detects Down Syndrome DNA

Feb 14, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Down syndrome is the most common birth defect, occurring once in every 700 births. However, traditional non-invasive prenatal tests for the condition are unreliable or carry risks for the mother and fetus. Now, researchers have developed a......
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Noninvasive Liquid Biopsies Rapidly, Accurately Determine Response To Cancer Treatment

Feb 14, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
Results of two clinical studies have added to evidence that blood-based liquid biopsies can accurately track lung cancer treatment responses by measuring circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) during immunotherapy and related treatments. “There is an unmet clinical need for real-time, noninvasive detection ......
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Ancestry firms have DNA on 26 million people; researchers can analyze almost everyone's data

Feb 13, 2019 , CNBC Health
More than 26 million people — more people than in all of Australia — have shared their DNA with one of the four leading ancestry and health databases, and that has some researchers worried, according to the MIT Technology...
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Boniva vs. Forteo

Feb 13, 2019 , RxList
Boniva (ibandronate) and Forteo (teriparatide [rDNA origin]) are used to treat or prevent...
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I Had Lynch Syndrome For 30 Hours

Feb 13, 2019 , Forbes
As a genetic counselor, I have been taking the popular home DNA tests on the market. My raw data showed that I have Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer syndrome that increases the risk of colorectal, uterine, ovary, and other cancers. Further testing proved that this result was a false...
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The dark side of music: Using sound in torture

Feb 12, 2019 , CNN Health
General Augusto Pinochet's authoritarian regime, in Chile from 1973 to 1990, was known for its kidnappings, imprisonments and torture. One prisoner remembers it all too well....
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According to Ancestry, I've suddenly become a lot more British

Feb 07, 2019 , CNBC Health
My Ancestry DNA results changed significantly in the past year, so I asked some genetics experts why I've suddenly become more...
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Advances In Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Give Many Hope, But Others Have ‘Panic’ Of Being Left Behind

Feb 05, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Because the progressive disease is a complicated one that involves 1,500 rearrangements in the genetic code, about 10 percent of CF patients lack a treatment to slow down the disease and will die in their 40s. Other public health news focuses on cancer rates and obesity; aging surgeons; intimacy after cancer; walking buddies; cancer overtreatment for men; DNA tests; male sexuality; listening to your body; signs of depression; inmates' mental illness; Ebola; diabetes; women's heart attacks and...
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